My daughter watches a lot of youtube videos. Recently she came across this video showing how to make a luscious looking eggless (vegan) chocolate cake and was very eager to try it out. To be honest I had never baked a cake that contains neither any dairy product nor eggs! And I find these vegan recipes quite challenging and intriguing. So we went ahead with it following Tarika’s directions. And we were both very happily surprised at the result. This cake turned out to be moist, tender, extremely chocolaty and just plain delicious! And you know what the best part is? It just doesn’t go stale! So you can make it ahead of time and keep it for days – if it ever lasts that long of course 🙂 And needless to say that there is no need to be vegan to enjoy this delightful chocolate cake. So you can make this recipe for your vegan friends and enjoy all together. 

I may have made a few little changes in my version but you can click here and visit Tarika’s website for detailed recipe in English. Bon Appétit!